SAP ABAP — Using the ABAP Editor

In this tutorial you will learn how to create ABAP program in SAP. Here is where you will spent most of your time as a developer creating / modifying programs.

Logon SAP system Navigate to ABAP editor under Tools node in SAP easy access.

Or begin at the ABAP Editor Initial screen (Transaction SE38).

On the initial screen of the editor, specify the name of your report in the input field PROGRAM. You may specify the name as Z_ABAP_DEVELOPER_TEST. The preceding Z is important for the name. Z ensures that your report resides in the customer namespace.

You may type the report name in lower case letters, but the editor will change it to upper case. So the names of ABAP objects are ‘Not’ case sensitive.

After specifying the name of the report, click the CREATE button.

Choose “Executable Program” as the report type, enter the title “SAP ABAP Report” and then select SAVE to continue.

Then CREATE OBJECT DIRECTORY ENTRY window will pop up next. Select the button LOCAL OBJECT and the popup will close. You can complete your first report.

Program is created as bellow:

CTRL+F3 shortcut key is used to activate current program.

F8 function key is used to execute the ABAP program.

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